Write-N-Cite 4.6

With new version of Write-N-Cite citations format automatically as you work
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The new version of Write-N-Cite is available for download from your RefWorks account. This newly designed tool fully integrates with the MS Word platform while still leveraging the strengths of being a web-based Cloud service. The new version of Write-N-Cite runs on Word for Windows 2007 & 2010 as well as Word for Mac 2008 & 2011. You'll get the same features on either platform, and sharing documents between computers is as easy as opening a file.
Citations format automatically as you work, and styles update on demand—all without any manual formatting. Long gone are the days of waiting until a paper is finished to see the citations as they will be viewed. Our formatting tools also offer easy footnote management in accordance with MLA or Chicago. No need to do it yourself. The new version of Write-N-Cite now supports a seamless transition while working online or offline. It works wherever you are: at home, the office, on the airplane or subway. Auto Sync folders are also available to see what you cited even when you aren't in your document. Improved customization options and context-sensitive feedback ensure that you can take full control of your citations or leave it to the experts.

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